These pictures are all created in the extra time and hidden parts of an average day. The purpose of these everydays is to help me get better at different things. By posting the results online I’m more likely to actually do them, and if I’m lucky they’ll suck less.


scooby doo





17-08-16 // copenhagen

17-08-15 // baku

17-08-14 // fyrefux

17-08-14 // fyrefux

17-08-13 // bgn

17-08-13 // bgn

This is to help me stop smoking, learn how to use various softwares in a production pipeline, how to set time aside a day to do something regular when all around is chaos, get better at something repeatedly, aim to start selling these in one way or another if they start getting any good, and generally bonding with people online that I admire and respect.